Sicilia - Petralia Sottana 1
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Petralia Sottana

Sicilia - Petralia Sottana 1


Ends on 02/02/2022

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The property is located in a panoramic area of the village and consists of a three-room habitable floor of about 65 square meters with a small balcony as well as a cellar of 51 square meters with access from the street and a partially habitable attic of 55 square meters which opens onto a terrace with a panoramic view.


The intervention involves the renovation of the facade and the premises as well as the flooring and the protective consolidation of the basement. The installation of the heating system and the adaptation of the electrical system are also included.


The building has already been optioned by a buyer and the expected  duration of the restructuring works will allow its delivery by July 2022. Gepark, the property developer, undertakes to pay back both capital and interests by the due date even if the buyer, for whatever reason, will no longer intend to buy the property.


The Village


Petralia Sottana is located on the southern slope of the Madonie chain and in the park of the same name, in a strategic position on the high valley of the Southern Imera river, on a slope between 900 and 1100 m above sea level. The northern part is almost entirely included in the Madonie Park, with beech, oak, chestnut and conifer woods, while the southern part is dedicated to agriculture.


The village, known as "the stone village" has a medieval layout and the main square is dominated by the seventeenth-century "Chiesa Madre", the Cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. Petralìa Sottana can be visited following the path of the Urban Geological Path, a unique itinerary in Europe, marked with brass studs, which lead to the discovery of Miocene fossils, corals on the portals of houses and churches, karst caves, springs in the center citizen, an ancient snow house, a black poplar whose trunk measures 6 meters in circumference and 30 in height.

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