Sicilia - Mussomeli 1
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Sicilia - Mussomeli 1


Ends on 19/12/2021

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The Project

The property is located in the south-eastern part of the historic center of Mussomeli, characterized by the presence of the old Maria Immacolata Longo hospital. The property spreads over three levels and is accessed from via La Rizza. A further entrance, on the ground floor, is on the opposite side on the Mancuso alley. Both the ground floor and the first floor are about 2.00 m high, which is lower than the living standards, while the third floor has a regular height. The supporting structures are in masonry and are in good condition. The plants are partially present; fixtures in wood, in poor condition, floors in good condition in marble chips, though not original.

The renovation will develop the house on two perfectly habitable floors, instead of the current three that are only partially and not easily habitable. The floors will develop from the current ground floor which will host the living area with the scenic view of the bare rock and on the current second floor which will host the sleeping area. From the balcony of the latter you can enjoy an excellent view: both the castle of Mussomeli and the fortress of Sutera are visible, elements with a strong landscape connotation of the territory.

The building has already been optioned by a buyer and the expected duration of the restructuring works will allow its delivery by July 2022. Gepark, the property developer, undertakes to pay back both capital and interests by the due date even if the buyer, for whatever reason, will no longer intend to buy the property.

The Village

Mussomeli is located in an internal hilly area of central Sicily, east of the Platani river, at 765 meters above sea level. Agrigento is 53 km away and Caltanissetta is 58 km away. The climate is Mediterranean, with notable daily excursions in winter, warm and breezy in summer.

In the historic center stands the majestic Medieval Castle, built between 1364 and 1367 by Manfredi III Chiaramonte, descendant of Charlemagne. The premises of the current town hall, within the prestigious eighteenth-century setting of Palazzo Sgadari, hosts the Archaeological Antiquarium, which exhibits the artifacts found in the archaeological excavations carried out in the area. The rich gastronomic tradition is also noteworthy, thanks, above all, to the "focaccia Mussomelese".

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