Sardegna - Ozieri 1
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Sardegna - Ozieri 1


Ends on 12/05/2022

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The building is in the historic center, a few steps from Piazza Carlo Alberto and Piazza Santa Lucia and is spread over three levels for a total of 70sqm. Each floor includes a room of approximately 20sqm and a hallway and the second floor is enriched by a veranda balcony that extends along the entire length of the facade.

The renovation involves the complete overhaul of the water and sewage systems and of the electrical system as well as the installation of a new air conditioning and heating system. In addition, all the fixtures will be replaced, taking care to maintain their original appearance with new laminated wood frames in Swedish pine essence. All floors and internal walls will also be refurbished and the facade will be entirely plastered.

The building has already been optioned by a buyer and the expected duration of the restructuring works will allow its delivery by November 2022. Gepark, the property developer, undertakes to pay back both capital and interests by the due date even if the buyer, for whatever reason, will no longer intend to buy the property.

The Village

Ozieri, about 50 kilometers from Sassari, is the largest village in Logudoro, a vast area of central-northern Sardinia. The village is characterized by intricate and steep paved streets arranged as an amphitheater on the underlying valley covered with woods.

From the cave of San Michele, near the village, the famous culture of Ozieri takes its name, which in the recent Neolithic (end of the fourth millennium BC) spread throughout the island. In the territory there are also abundant traces of the Nuragic civilization: the Burghidu and sa Mandra and sa Jua nuraghes, sacred wells and Giants' tombs.

Also, thanks to the Chilivani equestrian center, Ozieri has always been famous also for horse breeding and training, a tradition expressed by the Horse Museum.

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