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Caprarica di Lecce

Puglia - Frantoio 1


Ends on 23/01/2023

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The Project

The property, built using Leccese stone bricks extracted from a quarry below the house, is spread over three wings for a total of approximately 550sqm. The left wing, the largest, used to be an oil mill which still retains the stone grindstone and millstones for pressing. Between the central wing and the right, an independent staircase leads to a terrace. All the interiors are characterized by large cross vaults, also in Lecce stone.

The property also includes a garden of over 400m2 covered with wild blackberry plants, a large laurel tree, citrus fruits and other typical Mediterranean plants.

The redevelopment project is divided into three phases and involves the recovery of the property in respect of its typicality, both for the interiors and for the garden. The former oil mill, in particular, will be recovered preserving the grindstone and millstones as furnishing elements. A swimming pool will be built in an area of the garden and the terrace will be renovated and equipped with a Jacuzzi, a sauna and an open-air living area.

The first tranche of works, to which the current offer refers, concerns the interventions relating to the restructuring of the oil mill and the garden including the infrastructure for the swimming pool.

The second tranche includes the construction of the water-sewerage system, a centralized solar system for the production of hot water for sanitary use, a photovoltaic system with related inverters and high-performance battery, and the heating and air conditioning with heat pump as well as the electric one.

The third tranche includes the renovation of all the other internal rooms, the recovery of the wooden window frames, the construction of the sanitary systems and furnishings and the plastering of the external walls. The technical rooms and the lining of the swimming pool will also be built.

The building has already been optioned by a buyer and it is expected that the duration of the works will allow delivery by January 2024. Gepark, the proponent, even if the buyer, for whatever reason, no longer intends to purchase the property, undertakes to repay the principal and interest by the due date.

The Village

Caprarica di Lecce is located in central eastern Salento and is 12 km from Lecce and 16 km from the sea in a typically Mediterranean climate. In the surrounding countryside, the land is particularly fertile, and this has allowed the development of agriculture and livestock over the centuries.

The current economy of Caprarica di Lecce is based on the cultivation of olive trees and the production of extra virgin oil, on cattle breeding and on the food industry.

In recent years the tourism sector has developed considerably, thanks above all to the conversion of some farms.

The village hosts a museum of typical handicraft weaving and peasant activity and has opened the "Country Library", a distributed library made up of small book deposits scattered around the town.

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